DIY (under 10 aed): T-shirt Tote Bag!

Hello Everyone!

I’m here today with our first DIY post. We thought it would be cool to create a challenge where we find DIY projects under 10 aed because we love a good DIY and a huge plus point is its less than 10 aed!

I saw a DIY post for a T-shirt Tote Bag and thought it would be fun to recreate it. I just recently moved so I don’t have any old t-shirts lying around however Sharjah is filled with fun 1-10 aed shops and so I went shopping! But if you have any old t-shirts you can easily use those for this project

The materials you will need are:
-T-shirt (look out for thick shirts for strong tote bags, and long shirts for longer tote bags)
-Needle and Thread

So like I said, I found a cute t-shirt from Gift Market for 5 aed

Now to create a Tote bag out of a T-shirt all you need to do is follow these three simple steps

1. You cut out the sleeves.

The tricky part is that these are going to be the straps of your tote bag so if your shirt has short sleeves like mine, then you’ll have to cut a little more than the sleeves

2. You will have to cut a deeper neck, you can use a bowl or any other rounded object or just do it free hand

3. Lastly what you want to do is flip the shirt inside out, then take the two ends of the bottom of the shirt and sew them together with your needle and thread (or sewing machine)

Flip the shirt back out and you are done!

20150308_150131 Snapshot_20150308_145622 Snapshot_20150308_150023

Hope you enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun making it

Share with us your results!

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