10 Last Minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

March 21st is UAE’s day to celebrate our greatest blessings, our mothers. That means if you haven’t gotten your gift yet you have three days to do it and we want to help

Using our online shopping and pinterest skills we came up with a list of 10 gift ideas to make/buy for your mother or mother-like figure

10. Create a Mother’s Day Spa Kit


We got this idea from Mom 4 Real; click the link to see more

9. Arabic Alphabet Tea Towels


We’re in love with these Arabic Alphabet tea towels from Little Majlis. (If you’re located in UAE shipping is free!)

8. DIY a customized Mug

mother's day mugs

These DIY mugs are super cute! You can learn how to make them here at Maiko’s blog 

7. “Starry Night” print set


Of course we’re going to love our own prints, but we’re certain your mom will too! These prints will look fab in any part of her home and if you buy the pair together they’re only 30 aed check them out here!

6. DIY Lotus Flower Ring Holder


How adorable is this ring holder? And its all handmade! Check out how you can make one at Yay For Handmade

5. Personalize Map Greeting Card


You can customize this greeting card! Just message Made in the Desert !

4. Map plate


This easy and beautiful project can be found here at DIY Easy time

3. Scarf


This is one of my favorite scarves from our shop. The colors and patterns are super chic. check out this scarf plus more here

2.  Flowers


Flowers are a wonderful gift, and flowers that can last forever and handmade by you make it a little sweeter. Check out how to make these plus more flowers here at It’s Always Autumn

1. LAST idea on our list is a greeting card from Hayaa


The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother and that was the inspiration behind this card. Our moms do so much for us and we can only do so much back. Hope these ideas help you make your mom feel special

Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful moms reading this

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