Welcoming Summer!

Helloo Hayaa Ladies (& Gents)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last posted. Sorry about that, my life was filled with weddings and travelling and after coming back creating new scarves! Sakina and I have been shopping like crazy finding the perfect fabric for this intense heat. This is my first summer in UAE and so far its bearable… indoors *cue audience laughter*

So we know scarves and summer are quiet the awkward pair and thus we created our summer scarves. Using a blend of linen and cotton, these scarves are light and airy

Our good friend Maha helped us in presenting these lovely items in a summer themed photoshoot


Maha is a news reporter for a radio station in Dubai. She’s been born and brought up right here in UAE


She describers her style as comfortable, shes not really too focused on the trends but rather believes if you are comfortable in what you are wearing you can pull it off.


Maha’s favorite summer foods are melons, all types of melons


She feels like swimming is the best summer activity as it rejuvenates as well as exercises your body

We had a blast with Maha!



Keep a lookout for our summer scarves on littlemajlis

_MG_9668 _MG_9688_MG_9750 _MG_9731

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Until next time



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